Major beef breeds

Bos taurus


Figure. A typical Bos Taurus bull

Bos Taurus breeds originated in Europe and are all humbles.

Characteristics of some of the main Bos Taurus breeds are:

  • Angus. Origin: Scotland.

Features are a black coat (recessive red gene also), polled. Suited to vealer, steer and bullock production or maternal/rotational place in crossbreeding.​

  • Hereford. Origin: England.

Features are redcoat with white face and underline, and horned. Suited to vealer, steer and bullock production or maternal/rotation place in crossbreeding.​

  • Simmental. Origin: Western Europe (Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France etc)

Features are red coat with broken white markings and white face; horned and polled strains. Suited to vealer, steer and bullock production maternal/rotational/terminal place in crossbreeding.​

  • Charolais. Origin: France.

Features are white or cream coat; polled and horned strains. Suited to bullock production or as a terminal sire in crossbreeding programs.​

  • Limousin. Origin: France.

Light brown in colour and horned. Breed is heavily muscled and known for high meat yield with a minimum of fat. Smaller than other European breeds and earlier in maturity, but later maturing than British breeds. Suitable for crossbreeding programs.

  • Belgian Blue. Origin: Belgium.

The Belgian Blue is a large sized animal with rounded outline and prominent muscles. The shoulder, back, loin and rump are heavily muscled. The back is straight, rump is sloping, tail set is prominent and skin is fine. It has fine but strong legs and can walk easy.​